军人 & 家庭

在购买任何保险之前,询问代理人具体的问题如何 company handles 问题 related to the military deployment of their policyholders. 每个公司的 实践可以改变. Compare prices and the level of 服务 across a few different insurance providers. 通过四处采购,你可能会找到一家专门针对服务人员需求的保险公司.

Before you leave on a military deployment, check your policy renewal date and payment terms with your agent to ensure your coverage will remain in effect during deployment. 如果有必要,你 可以提前续签保单或用自动银行汇票支付保费. 一些保险 companies might also allow you to suspend certain coverage while you are deployed.

为了帮助军队成员更好地了解他们的保险需求,国家 Association of Insurance Commissioners offers tips and considerations regarding auto, 首页, 健康和 人寿保险.

汽车保险 Considerations for 军事

  • If you will be deployed for an extended period of time and no 一个是驾驶你的车,你可能会暂停你的一些汽车保险 保险范围以节省保费支付. Not all 状态s – or insurance companies – allow for 保险范围将被暂停.
  • If you want to suspend auto coverage, contact your agent and 国家亚虎娱乐pt777手机的具体法律和政策限制适用于您 状态. You may want to ask whether the following types of coverage can be suspended while 你被部署:责任,碰撞,没有保险/保险不足的司机,医疗支付 和人身伤害保护(PIP).
  • If your 状态 mandates automobile insurance coverage, you may 需要向你所在州的机动车辆管理部门提交一份禁止使用的宣誓书 being fined for failure to maintain insurance. If you suspend coverage, you may not be able to recover money for damage to your vehicle due to weather (i.e. 冰雹或龙卷风的破坏), 天灾(i.e. earthquake or flood) or acts by another individual, unless you keep the coverage known either as "comprehensive" or "other than collision" in force (i.e. 破坏公物 或打了就跑的).

健康保险 Considerations for 军事

  • Many reservists and National Guard members have health coverage for themselves and their families through an employer-sponsored health plan. 一些 是否希望在其任职期间继续投保,特别是对其家属 工作周期. Talk with your benefits administrator to learn what will happen with your health coverage when you are called to active duty. While employers are not required to pay 你和你的家属在你服役期间的医疗保险费用 employers may choose to continue benefits at their current level.
  • If you are on active duty for 更多的 than 30 days, you and your dependents should be covered by military health care. 家属有医疗和牙科服务 透过制服服务设施提供的服务,视乎供应情况而定 有资格通过联邦资助的TRICARE从平民来源获得保健福利 计划,为军人家庭提供的三重选择福利计划,以前称为 CHAMPUS (Civilian 健康 and Medical Program of the Uniformed 服务). 联系你的 military unit for 更多的 information on these programs.
  • Your right to continue health coverage under an employment-based group health plan is covered by federal laws. 合并综合 《亚虎娱乐pt777手机》(COBRA)为雇员提供了健康保险延续的权利 and their families after an event such as reduction in employment hours. 穿制服的 《亚虎娱乐pt777手机》(USERRA)旨在尽量减少 当一个人需要离开文职工作去服务时所出现的缺点 在军中服役. Both COBRA and USERRA generally allow individuals called for active duty to continue coverage for themselves and their dependents under an employment-based group health plan for up to 24 months. 如果服兵役是30天 或更少,你和你的家庭可以继续在相同的成本,在你的短期 服务. If the duration of your military 服务 is longer, you may be required to pay one 全额保险费的百分之百加上百分之二的管理费来继续 为你或你的家人投保. You should receive a notice from your plan explaining your 权利.
  • 的 健康保险 Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)可能会给你和你的家庭权利参加其他团体健康计划的覆盖,如果 这对你来说是可行的(例如,如果你配偶的雇主赞助了一个团体健康 计划). You and your family have the opportunity to enroll outside of the plan's official 入学时间. However, to qualify, you must 请求 enrollment in the other plan (for 例如,你的配偶的计划)在失去资格的30天内 雇主的计划. After this special enrollment is 请求ed, the health care plan must 投保日期不迟于注册后第一个月的第一天 请求. If you are on active duty 更多的 than 30 days, coverage in another plan through 特殊保险比延续保险便宜,因为通常由雇主支付 保险费的一部分. 当 considering your health coverage options, you should examine the 保险范围包括:福利保险范围及限额、探望限额、美元 限额,保费成本,成本分摊(包括共同支付和免赔额)和覆盖范围 等待时间.
  • An individual policy can be used for your family members. 但 和你的特工谈谈,因为有一个战争排除条款,可能会涵盖军方 人员无效. Should you purchase an individual military-focused policy, check with your 代理确保它不会重复您的家庭可以获得的保险 在其他地方.

Home Insurance Considerations for 军事

  • Many 首页owners policies have a "vacancy clause" that may be 如果你被部署了很长一段时间,而且你的家庭已经搬到了 新位置. Such policies might not pay claims if your house is vacant for 60 days or 更多的. 一所房子如果没有居住者且没有家具,则被认为是空置的 house is considered unoccupied when it is furnished, but there are no occupants. 一些 公司提供一份背书,专门允许你的房子继续获得保险, even if it is vacant for an extended period of time. 和你的保险公司商量一下 learn how it defines "vacancy" and whether the claims for a vacant house will be paid.
  • It is a good idea to review your 首页owners policy with your agent before you leave for military duty. Doing so could help you avoid a dispute in the 未来. Also make sure your policy limits are sufficient to cover your 首页 and your 个人财产按今天的成本计算. Consider increasing your coverage if you have made additions or improvements to your property.
  • While 首页owners and renters insurance policies typically cover personal property that you take with you while traveling, most policies exclude damages caused directly or indirectly by acts of war. 军方一般不会支付 修理或更换在军事住房或战区损坏或丢失的财产. Talk to your agent about whether personal items that you take with you during your deployment will be covered if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

人寿保险 Considerations for 军事

  • Anyone who sells 人寿保险 at military installations is 必须获得国防部的许可才能成为被授权的律师. Such an individual must also have a license from a 状态 insurance department. 打交道时 在找中介时,要求看他/她的许可证和执照,以确定你是在和一个 合法的个人.
  • Currently, many private insurance carriers do not offer 战争法案的保险. 军事 personnel are provided some death benefits, but may purchase a limited amount of additional coverage through the 服务成员的组 人寿保险(SGLI), a low-cost group 人寿保险 program, which includes benefits for death resulting from Acts of War. Be sure you understand the benefits paid by 如果你死在战区或死于战争行为. If 你购买个人军事政策,和你的特工确认 does not duplicate coverage for your family that could be obtained 在其他地方.
  • Service members can contact their Flight, Payroll and/or Finance Office for further details on premium payment and refund 问题. 服务成员和 其受益人应联络服务人员团体人寿保险办事处 (OSGLI)的未决索赔.

常见问题解答 & 问题

问题? 我们会帮你的.


SGLI is a program of low cost group term 人寿保险 自动提供给所有现役军人,现役军人训练或 inactive duty for training and members of the Reserves. 此策略自动 激活保险金额为40万美元,最高保险金额,除非 军人以书面方式选择退出. In addition, designated beneficiaries now receive an additional payment of $100,000 if a 服务member dies while on active duty. 一个服务member can elect lower coverage or no coverage by completing the VA Form SGLV-8286. 覆盖 available for spouses; dependent children are automatically insured for $10,000. 当 从现役或预备役释放,全职SGLI覆盖的成员可以转换 退伍军人团体人寿保险或个人人寿保险. Click the link below to learn 更多的 about the SGLI and VGLI policies for military 退伍.

For 更多的 information regarding SGLI and VGLI eligibility, benefits and 保费电话免费长途1-或访问 退伍军人事务部.


的re is a 人寿保险 calculation tool available at the 退伍军人事务部.

What if there's a lapse in my policy or it gets 我不在的时候取消了?

It is important that you make arrangements to have your insurance premiums paid timely while you are deployed. 如果你的保险公司取消保险 您未能按时支付保费-或因任何其他法律原因-您的保单 可能会有麻烦得到一个新的保险政策,当你找到一个公司 willing to insure you, you may have to pay higher rates. 许多公司会拒绝这样做 insure drivers who have lapses in their insurance coverage. 如果你的保险失效了 更多的 than 30 days, companies may be able to charge you a higher premium.


Power of attorney is a special legal designation that authorizes someone to act on your behalf in insurance, financial, personal, or legal 重要的. If you are deployed, you may want to consider assigning power of attorney to a spouse, family member, or trusted friend. To assign power of attorney, you and the individual you designate must sign a form before a notary public. 问问你的基地人员 公证处询问到哪里去找公证员. You may also consult the business listings in your local telephone directory to find notaries in your area.

Does my 人寿保险 policy have a war exclusion?

An important note to members of the armed forces involves a provision that is commonly included in 人寿保险 policies. 如果你选择退出 决定购买额外的人寿保险以外的SGLI/VGLI军事提供的人寿 insurance plans, you should review the list of exclusions to the policies. 许多生命 保险政策包括一个“战争除外”条款,具体说明利益 will not be payable if the death is a result of war or the action of a military force. 的 Servicemember’s Group 人寿保险(SGLI) and Veterans Group 人寿保险 (VGLI) policies do not have this type of exclusion. In addition, many 人寿保险 policies also contain exclusions about traveling on any non-commercial aircraft.



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